AR in Tele Health

Real-time Knowledge Transfer & Fast Remote Support

XRmeet enables real-time knowledge transfer and remote support for healthcare organizations and medical facilities. It is a fast and easy-to-use augmented reality solution to help healthcare workers support each other and treat patients anywhere and at any time, virtually using AR wearables, smartphones, or tablets.

Better Diagnostic Collaboration between Patients & Caregivers

Augmented reality has the potential to bring a life-changing value for both patients as well as healthcare providers. XRmeet’s AR remote assistance solution for telehealth facilitates better collaboration between patients and physicians with interactive audio-video streaming and AR tools to locate pain and enhance diagnosis easily.

Minimize Risks

XRmeet provides better staff training, medical education, remote support to fix medical devices and even allows caregivers to give patients access to medical care from anywhere globally, all with minimized risks.

Provide Care Anytime

With the pandemic, AR-powered telehealth solution makes it easy for the physicians and the patients to provide and receive comprehensive care in the home setting.

Reliable and Secure

XRmeet is HIPAA and GDPR compliant and follows VAPT activity guidelines for cybersecurity. The most reliable, secure, and robust AR solution for your healthcare organization.

AR-based Remote Assistance Opens New Doors in Healthcare

XRmeet accelerates growth amidst the backdrop of COVID-19 in the healthcare sector in a wide range of applications, including remote consultation, collaboration, and medical training.

Healthcare Workers

XRmeet lets caregivers provide remote care service to patients and enable remote collaboration between other physicians or junior staff to guide them, solve problems fast, and provide on-the-job training. The remote sessions can be recorded and shared with others to help solve similar cases in the future.


XRmeet enables patients to receive care from anywhere by connecting them remotely with the physicians. Patients can annotate on the screen to pinpoint the condition and get prescriptions instantaneously without waiting for long hours for an appointment.

Technical Medical Experts

With AR-based remote assistance, remote technical medical experts can guide junior medical engineers or on-site personnel with step-by-step intuitive instructions on how to install, operate or fix hospital machines or devices to keep it up and running.

Enabling Real-time Knowledge Transfer

Senior physicians or on-call remote specialists can share their knowledge and support junior staff or interns regarding any medical conditions. Both parties can freeze the live video stream to take a better look and even annotate or take screenshots for future reference.


Driving Values that make an Impact on the Healthcare Industry

XRmeet solutions drive measurable values by helping healthcare organizations deliver care and service that brings efficiency and minimizes risks.

AR-based Care

Fast Remote Support

Medical Education & Training

AR-based Care

Patients get instant access to care when they need it with the remote consultation facility. They get precise healthcare treatment plans for their condition based on real-time data.

Fast Remote Support

Integrating technological advancements to the existing system enables fast remote support and real-time knowledge transfer between medical experts, colleagues, or junior staff through live video streaming using AR wearables, smartphones, or tablets.

Medical Education & Training

XRmeet enables technical medical experts to provide on-demand support for on-site personnel to install, operate or fix any hospital machines to keep it up and running at all times. XRmeet also lets senior medical experts guide junior medical staff or interns in various medical procedures remotely and provide on-the-job training based on augmented reality.

Trusted by Industry Experts

We help healthcare organizations or medical facilities digitally transform and revolutionize how they support their medical staff and diagnose and deliver patient care. Our success and passion make industry experts trust us to digitally transform them with the next-generation augmented reality remote support solution.



Can XRmeet be integrated to an existing EMR solution?

Yes, XRmeet can be integrated into an EMR solution

Will you provide support for integration?

Yes, we do provide support for integrating with your existing system.

Will I get a free trial?

Yes, you can avail free trial. You just need to request a demo and can enjoy a free trial.

Is it necessary that I should purchase after the free trial?

Absolutely not! But please let us know why you are choosing us by writing us to