Augmented Reality in Telecom

Take Operational Excellence to the Next Level

Easily tackle the problems ranging from network inspection/maintenance, repairs, workforce training, inventory management to warehouse operations with AR-based remote assistance solution.

Keep Abreast with Immersive Technologies to Provide Uninterrupted Service

To keep in pace with the changing consumer demands, invest in technology that brings business value. XRmeet ensures to transform the way your inspection/maintenance and repair tasks, training and operations perform to accelerate business revenue growth.

Reduce OpEx and CapEx

Maximize revenue growth by implementing AR solution to reduce the costs associated with downtime, frequent travel of experts, maintenance of equipment, and inventory management.

Reduce Time to Resolve

Inspectors for routine checks are booked out months in advance and might be unavailable at the time of an issue. With XRmeet, you can improve the speed of issue resolution with an interactive troubleshooting process combining video, voice, and text chat.

Improve Self-Service Efficiency

XRmeet supports multiple form factors like AR wearables, smartphones, and tablets to provide AR-based digital instructions whenever a technician points the camera to equipment. This lets your workforce fix any issue on their own.

Immersive Digital Solutions to Tackle Business Challenges

Improving first-time-fix rate, downtime, and productivity, reducing CapEx and OpEx – all these by implementing custom AR solution to solve the challenges that hold back your business.


Field technicians get AR instructions, previous maintenance or troubleshooting videos, or even digital manuals displayed on their field of vision when pointing the camera to the equipment installed with a QR marker.

Technical Expert

The technician can establish a two-way audio-video connection with an expert at any time for guidance. The expert sees what the technicians see and visually guides them through the process using AR tool kit and annotations.


To assist your customer with any issue that may arise from their side regarding any of your devices or services, you can use augmented reality based assistance to help them resolve on their own.

Remote Network Inspection and Maintenance

Continuous network inspection is a must to ensure uninterrupted service and is a tedious, time-consuming, and cost-intensive task. By deploying XRmeet, you can lower costs and improve service by enabling faster expert knowledge transfer between technicians and experts through live audio-video streaming.


Digitally Transform your Business to Achieve Service Excellence

XRmeet helps to solve critical business challenges of companies in the telecom industry by delivering vital information to frontline workers when and where needed.

AR-based Job Training

Remote Operational Guidance

Smart Documentation

AR-based Job Training

Provide immersive job training to new employees following the business standards with no additional costs or affecting real network scenarios using AR-powered XRmeet. This ensures higher retention of skills, improved productivity, and quality in day-to-day operations.

Remote Operational Guidance

XRmeet displays real-time AR instructions and even alerts the worker of any issue. It guides technicians through live video streaming to share real-time equipment views to an expert to resolve complex queries using AR tool kit, AR annotations, hand drawings, and even images and documents. The technician can record the entire session for future reference.

Smart Documentation

AR-powered engine with all the required data makes it easy for employees to access information from anywhere digitally within a click. They no longer need to rely upon old instruction manuals and guides.

Smart Inventory Management

XRmeet brings a paradigm shift in Inventory management with its remote assistance and object detection features. The AR-enabled worker will have end-to-end visibility of inventory at any time that avoids any chance of error occurrence. XRmeet also enables workers to perform tasks hands-free with clear instructions displayed to them using AR wearables.



Can I get a free trial before purchase?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that you need to check out if we are the right remote assistance solution you were looking for. We provide14-day trial period. No credit card details required. After 14 days, there is no obligation to buy. Note that we also customize XRmeet according to your requirements as well.

Can multiple people in our organization use XRmeet remote assistance?

Yes. We provide a number of packages customized to your needs. You can choose the best one fit for your needs. For any clarifications, contact

Can XRmeet be integrated into the existing system?

Yes, XRmeet can be integrated into your existing system. We provide integration support as well.