AR in Oil and Gas Industry

AR to Solve Core Oil and Gas Challenges

Streamline the operations and improve efficiency with a proven, enterprise-ready AR remote assistance platform.

Reimagine & Discover the Next Gen Support Solution

Imagine efficiently streamlining your operations and minimizing the occurrence of downtime and interventions by providing real-time remote support for your frontline workers for every task. And imagine getting AR-based digital instructions any time on any device used by your frontline workers. XRmeet makes this possible.

Easy Integration with Enterprise Systems

XRmeet is a robust and easily scalable AR platform that fits into your company’s existing informational architecture, ERP system and access the data needed to build intuitive AR work instructions.

Highly Customizable Solution

XRmeet AR remote support platform is customized to meet the special enterprise requirements. The simple user interphase helps workers and experts to collaborate and share knowledge quickly.

Changing Workforce Needs

Bridge the skill gap and upskill the existing workforce and recruits with XRmeet. XRmeet enables your team to collaborate with experts to access support when they need it.

Reduced Service Expense

Experts from multiple geographies can connect with technicians to provide live guidance to resolve issues faster without additional OpEx and travel costs.

Keep in Pace with the Changing Workforce Needs and Transform the Way you Provide your Service

A custom end-to-end AR solution to provide interactive visual assistance. From maintenance, repair, and routine inspections to efficient handling of operations and onboard training, XRmeet is an AR platform built and designed for enterprises to transform the way they function effectively.


The technician can view step-by-step AR instructions for inspection, maintenance, repair, and even previous recorded videos on their field of view whenever they need by just scanning a barcode or QR code associated with equipment. This makes troubleshoot process quicker and easier.

Technical Expert

Technicians can connect with subject matter experts in real-time for guidance at any time. They can easily communicate with each other as they are side-by-side with AR annotations, AR toolset, and hand drawings on almost any device; smartphones, tablets, and AR wearables.

Real-time Support for your Workforce without Additional OpEx

Modernize your enterprise operations and keep your workforce connected with XRmeet. It is scalable to accommodate team members across your organization for remote collaboration to improve worker efficiency and productivity with no additional operation expenditure and travel costs.


Leverage the Power of a Future Proof AR Solution

XRmeet combines augmented reality and industrial expertise to reduce costs, improve worker safety, productivity and efficiency. Build an empowered and informed workforce with XRmeet.

Augmented Reality Support

Workforce Training

Data-Driven Insights

Augmented Reality Support

Empower your workforce to perform self-service before contacting support personal by displaying step-by-step digital instructions on their field of view. They can connect to an expert and communicate through hand drawings, AR annotations, and AR tool kit for further assistance.

Workforce Training

Keep in pace with the increasing complexity of equipment and avoid equipment interventions with AR-based training. To minimize the growing industrial skills gap and retain the acquired skills, provide immersive and safe training to your workforce without any additional opex.

Data-Driven Insights

With the analytics engine integrated, XRmeet delivers data-driven insights and alerts them of critical equipment failure instantly, and the technician can connect with the manager in case of anomalies. This avoids downtime, reduces opex and travel costs.

Generating Impact with AR

Revolutionize the way your oil and gas company functions with enterprise-ready AR remote assistance solution from XRmeet. XRmeet is a pioneer in delivering world-class AR solution that makes enterprises easy to share knowledge to workers to conduct critical remote tasks, employee training, remote collaborations, and more.



Is there a free trial?

Yes. The 14-day trial period is absolutely free. No credit card details required. You can upgrade after 14 days if you want. There is no obligation to buy.

Will I get an AR consultation to better understand the functionality of XRmeet?

Sure. Send us a message to for a free AR consultation and our team will get in touch with you soon.