AR in Manufacturing

Industrial AR Assistance for Manufacturing Industry

XRmeet’s industrial AR solution brings augmented reality into the workplace and enables the workforce to perform work efficiently with AR-powered assistance.

Unique AR based Remote Support Solution

An enterprise AR solution that virtually supports and provides data and insights to frontline workers and customers to keep them productive. XRmeet combines live video stream, audio, messaging, AR annotations, hand drawings, and remote assistance features to give the technician or customer an effective virtual remote collaboration.

Minimized Production Downtime

Production downtime can bring serious effects. XRmeet provides real-time AR instructions to field workers to perform self-service to avoid asset or plant downtime or malfunctions.

Reduced Human Errors

XRmeet’s Custom AR remote assistance solution automates all designing, assembly, maintenance and repair processes and guides the workforce to handle repair or inspection tasks with reduced human error.

Easy Access to Data

XRmeet enables real-time remote collaboration between team members as well as experts. Field technicians get instant access to data at any time and can even get hold of previously recorded sessions to resolve a similar issue.

Fast Automated Work

XRmeet automates the entire production line, inspection, repair, and assembly process and enables them to work hands-free with minimal distraction by displaying all necessary data right in front of them.

Remote Assistance to Drive Value to the Manufacturing Industry

XRmeet’s industry-oriented AR-based remote collaboration tool allows the workforce to acquire deep knowledge and assistance for any equipment or machinery. This helps to save operational expenses by 30% to 40% and downtime by 50%.


The technician can connect, share and receive support from subject matter experts anytime. This enhances the whole maintenance, assembly, diagnosis and repair processes. XRmeet provides the provision for remote collaboration, enabling team members to come together and take enterprise decisions easily and quickly.


Technical experts can connect and streamline remote visual assistance to on-field technicians or customers and help them resolve issues with reduced errors. This paves the path for instant knowledge transfer and reduces the need for experts in the field.

Proactive Inspection and Maintenance

XRmeet’s remote support solution allows the workforce to monitor or inspect machines and other regulatory compliance aspects. Proactive inspection and maintenance resolve issues at an early stage and eliminates unwanted downtime and long repair cycles.


Resolving Business Continuity Challenges due to COVID-19

COVID-19’s uncertainty, restrictions, and complexity accelerate the adoption of industrial solutions to keep up with the competitive market and ever-changing customer needs. XRmeet enables various enterprises to thrive in the competitive market with innovative remote support and self-service solutions.

AR Trained Workforce

AR-based Data & Insights

Easing Complex Production Line

AR Trained Workforce

Train your workforce with minimal risks with the digital renditions of the physical products they might encounter in the real work environment. This enables them to overcome the workforce knowledge gaps and retain their skills better.

AR-based Data & Insights

Create engaging augmented reality work instructions and deliver contextual learning opportunities and analytical insights at any given time and enable them to work hands-free with minimal distractions.

Easing Complex Production Line

XRmeet helps to solve the challenges in the existing semi-automated production system with AR-powered assembly instructions. In addition, with AR wearables, experts in various parts of the globe get an accurate view of what the technician has in front of his eyes. This saves time, improves productivity and quality of production, and reduces human errors to almost nil.

The Future of Industrial AR in Manufacturing

Whether you are in a business continuity struggle or trying to lower costs and maximize revenue and improve efficiency, we are here to help. We build and design custom AR-based remote assistance solutions just for your needs. Contact XRmeet today!



Will I get a free trial?

Yes. The 14-day trial period is absolutely free. No credit card details required. You can upgrade after 14 days if you want. There is no obligation to buy.

Will I get after purchase support and help to implement XRmeet in our company?

Absolutely. We will be more than happy to provide any sort of support. You just need to send us a message.