AR in Automotive Industry

Remote Expertise for Automotive Industry

The enterprise-grade AR remote assistance solution redefines the auto industry in various areas, including prototyping, designing, car assembling, maintenance, and repair.

Perform your Operations Instantly and Remotely

XRmeet enables remote collaboration between technicians, experts, or OEMs in real-time. It superimposes information over real-world objects and creates an interactive environment using real-time video streaming.

Reduce Onboarding Time

With immersive training similar to on-the-job training from the beginning, easily train new employees, retain skills, and make them confident in their roles faster.

Seamless Operations

Minimize skill gap and streamline business operations with industrial AR solution. Productive workforce, improved utilization of experts, remote collaboration, and guided workflows – this is what XRmeet offers.

Save Time & Reduce Costs

XRmeet’s cost-effective AR remote solution helps companies avoid time and money spent on traveling of experts, downtime, and more. This enables experts and technicians to use their time effectively by providing assistance and finishing tasks without the likelihood of errors.

Easy Integration

XRmeet is easy to roll out and integrate with the existing system and can be seamlessly used across the entire organization. It is easy to use and supports multiple form factors like AR wearables, smartphones, and tablets.

Empowering Businesses to Reach Full Potential with Industrial AR Solution

Drive revenue, reduce costs and maximize efficiency with AR solutions that help you overcome your business challenges in engineering, manufacturing, and repair areas.


Empower your field technician to perform a task or resolve an issue independently by providing them with the required information using AR. AR-based digital instructions overlaid on their field of view enable them to execute maintenance and repair tasks, product assembly, all with reduced error occurrence.

Technical Expert

XRmeet enables to establish a two-way video-audio connection between technicians and experts irrespective of the geographical location for on-the-spot guidance. The expert can guide with visual steps and even pause the video to draw annotations on the live video stream to communicate better.

Improved Maintenance & Repair Operations

Executing maintenance and repair can be a strenuous task with increased complexity. With AR-enabled XRmeet, you can empower your service technicians in maintenance and repair tasks through real-time visual support displayed on their field of view via wearables, mobile phones, or tablets when pointing the camera to the engine or any equipment.


Driving Measurable Value for Automotive Industry

The automotive sector has become complex over the past few decades due to changing consumer choices and technology. It is crucial to digitally transform and deliver promising results in the market that meet customer expectations. XRmeet helps you to overcome these critical challenges.

Operational Guidance

AR Trained Workforce

Efficient Assembly Lines

Operational Guidance

Technicians can work efficiently with the advantage of expert assistance whenever required. They can also leverage the benefit of real-time analytics by simply aiming the camera of their device to the equipment.

AR Trained Workforce

Build valuable assets by providing your workforce an immersive AR training. Let your employees efficiently obtain the knowledge and skill set necessary for smooth operations and achieve your business goals.

Efficient Assembly Lines

Once a vehicle model gets into production, the pressure to build the actual automobile falls on the assembly line workers. This task requires manuals always in front of them to avoid error occurrence. A worker with AR wearable gets to work hands-free with AR-based digital procedures displayed in their field of view.

Optimize the Prototyping Process

The prototyping stage is of immense importance. Rather than drawings on paper or iPads, graphical overlays can be used to test various components, colors, and fittings. This provides a more interactive experience than the 3D models and speeds up the entire designing and prototyping process and helps to deliver next-generation vehicles.



Can I get a free trial before I purchase?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that you need to check out if we are the right remote assistance solution you were looking for. We provide14-day trial period. No credit card details required. After 14 days, there is no obligation to buy. Note that we also customize XRmeet according to your requirements as well.

Will I get support even after the purchase of XRmeet?

Absolutely. We will be more than happy to provide any sort of support. You just need to send us a message.

Can I get a free AR consultation to understand XRmeet?

Sure. Send us a message to for a free AR consultation and our team will get in touch with you soon.