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Getting Started

Learn More about XRmeet AR Remote Assistance Platform

What is XRmeet and what is it used for?

XRmeet is an AR based Remote Assistance and Object Detection Platform to provide real-time assistance to technicians facing complex issues or challenges. XRmeet combines augmented reality (AR) and advanced computer vision technology to connect technicians and experts so that they can discuss the situation at stake as if they were right beside.

Technicians and experts can draw AR annotations, add texts or use 3D markers on mobile, tab or desktop over 3D physical objects to accurately guide through the process. With relevant and accurate instructions, technicians can resolve issues quickly and increase operational productivity and efficiency.

XRmeet is an AR based collaboration and communication tool as well which finds its main applications in the Oil and Gas, Telehealth, Manufacturing, Automotive, and Utilities industries. Right from the training of recruits to guiding them through the daily tasks and real-time collaboration of team members, XRmeet improves the agility of operations, boosts team productivity, and reduces the expense of frequent travel of experts.