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Do you regularly incur challenges at your workplace? And do you waste a lot of time, solving these challenges and correcting the errors made? Then, you are in need of visual assistance platforms that are built using immersive technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality.

Augmented reality is changing the face of assistance forever. And AR-based visual assistance platforms like are now loved by industry leaders and technicians alike to adapt to the new norms of work, challenges, and limitations. With visual assistance platforms now being adopted by many industrial giants, let’s check out the benefits of adopting them in detail.

Benefits of Adopting a Visual Assistance Software

Quick and efficient assistance

Visual assistance platforms enable the technicians to get direct support from experts via interactive video and immersive AR annotations.

Improved First-Time Fix Rates

Being able to access real-time information whenever required as well as being able to connect with experts helps to improve first-time fix rates of critical tasks.

Reduced Travel Costs

Reduction in travel to on-site has helped to reduce the costs associated with it. Remote assistance solutions have helped to connect and collaborate with experts at any location within a few seconds.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Remote assistance enables you to connect with service experts within a few clicks and get their guidance for complex challenges without any delay. This improves first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction.

Improved Productivity

Organizations have seen improved productivity and efficiency after adopting remote assistance. This visual assistance platform enables them to directly communicate with experts as well as get information on any tasks they are stuck with by just scanning the object or the QR code associated with it.

With the benefits being said, let’s check out the top factors to check in such platforms before adopting them.

Top Factors to Check in a Visual Assistance Platform

1. Easy to Use

The visual assistance platform must have simple user interphase and a short transitional period.

2. Easy to Integrate

The solution must be able to easily integrate with the existing system of the company.

3. Compatibility

The visual assistance solution you adopt must support multiple form factors like smartphones, tab, smart glasses, wearables, and any future needs of the organization.

4. Annotations Lock

When a technician uses annotations to a particular object in the field of vision of the expert or any user, it must be locked to that particular point. Or else, it can lead to unnecessary confusion among the users.

Concluding Lines

Remote visual assistance solutions are gaining high momentum and many industrial sectors are adopting them to transform the way they provide support as well as to improve the productivity and efficiency of their frontline workers. And if you are in search of a visual assistance solution, send us a mail to

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