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Top AR based Remote Assistance Apps Driving Value for Enterprises


Even though most Augmented Reality (AR) applications are in other sectors, AR brings practical solutions to industrial sectors. And for enterprises, it drives growth, helps to get the job done quickly, streamlines the entire operations, and pays itself in the long run. That is why HoloLens and Google focus on businesses and invest in AR headsets and smart glasses.

These industry giants play a crucial part in the growth of AR. Looking at the present-day statistics of AR growth, the industrial sector is driving the AR market growth. According to Market Research Future, AR has an estimated valuation of USD 307.91 billion by 2025 and a 78.3% CAGR during the forecast period.

Even though many amazing innovations are happening in the enterprise space, the most wanted AR apps are the ones that provide hands-free workflow guidance and remote assistance. Most companies offer both augmented workflow instructions as well remote assistance features in their apps.

Even though there are many remote assistance AR apps in the market, we have listed five significant players in the enterprise space providing augmented remote assistance.

AR Remote Assistance Apps


XRmeet is an easy and quick AR remote assistance and object detection solution that provides augmented workflow instructions and real-time support for the workforce. Using the smartphone camera, the technician can share the real-time view of the workspace with remote experts and receive contextual guidance back in the form of video, audio, annotations, notes, and screenshots. The advantage is that remote expert can deliver their support without even being in physical proximity to the technician.

Another exciting factor is that a proprietary AR engine power XRmeet. So, you don’t have to worry about spending huge lumps of money. XRmeet is proven to reduce operational expenses by 30% to 40% and downtime by 50%. Also, it supports multiple form factors like smartphones, tablets, and AR wearables and is available in both Android and iOS.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is a business solution that engages with the workforce and helps them in their field service. It improves technician efficiency and reduces problem resolution times. The technician can relay the camera view of the equipment to experts by using a mobile phone. These remote experts can then provide support back to the technician and guide them through their tasks.

TeamViewer Pilot

TeamViewer Pilot is also an augmented reality powered remote support solution that enables quick troubleshooting. The support requesters can ask for real-time assistance from remote experts. It is mainly used for repair, maintenance, and inspection processes and is available in Android and iOS.


Upskill is a flexible enterprise solution that is part of the Skyline platform that provides real-time remote support and critical work information to the workforce at any given time.

Scope AR

There isn’t much that differentiates Scope AR from the rest of the pack. It is also an enterprise AR solution that helps to collaborate and provide support remotely. And it works well on both wearables and mobile devices.

These are 5 of the many apps that are taking enterprises to the next level. Leveraging AR in your enterprise will help you in the long run and enables you to stay on par with new technologies. If you are in search for an enterprise scalable AR remote assistance app, please send us a mail to for a free AR consultation.