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Things to Consider while Selecting an AR Remote Assistance Solution in 2022


Things to consider before selecting in an AR remote assistance solution in 2022


The Augmented Reality (AR) technology enables companies in various industry verticals to streamline their operations and efficiently transfer knowledge. The right AR-based remote assistance software help organizations minimize downtime, onboarding time, machine outages and improve worker efficiency and productivity. Now, with the rising gap in the skills due to the retiring workforce, AR is being embraced even more than before. In this blog, we will discuss a few things to check out before adopting an AR remote assistance solution in 2022.

Top Things to Look for in an AR Remote Assistance Solution

1. User Friendliness

An augmented reality remote assistance solution must be easy to use and easily understandable by all. When you introduce new technology, your workers might need a transition period to switch entirely to the new form of communication. An easy-to-use AR remote assistance solution can smoothen this transition period.

2. Easy Integration

The AR remote assistance solution you choose should be easy to integrate into your organization without hassle. A smooth rollout of the AR platform is a must.

3. Hardware Compatibility

The AR solution you choose must be compatible with Android and iPhones and should be easy to use on any device, whether desktops, laptops, smartphones, tab, or wearables that your workforce uses. Also, there must be a minimal learning curve across these devices.

4. AR Annotations Lock

This is one of the most significant features of an AR remote assistance solution. When the remote expert or specialist annotates on any particular object in the live video stream, the annotation must lock to the object. Or else your workforce can get confused and frustrated.

5. Pause and Screenshot

Pause and screenshot is another prominent feature to consider. Explaining the issues and what to perform while the camera is moving can be very difficult. Therefore, the AR solution must have the functionality to pause the live video stream on both sides and draw annotations to guide through the process. The users should also be able to pause the live video stream and take screenshots if necessary for future reference.

Benefits of Using AR Remote Assistance Solution

Below are some benefits of adopting an AR remote assistance solution to your organization.

1. Improve Workforce Safety

2. Minimize Onboarding Time

3. Improve Productivity of Workforce

4. Reduce Operational Costs

5. Reduce Downtime


Augmented reality is driving the future, and adopting it sooner only enables your organization to reap more benefits. And an AR solution with all the above points will drive revenue and improve productivity. Our AR remote assistance solution comes packed with the above features and more. If you are interested in a demo, click here.