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The Era of The Connected Worker


Why companies fail at digital transformation

During the pandemic, when every work and business was disrupted, there were very few tools available for the workers to effectively communicate with each other. With the need to address new challenges and adapt to the changing needs, many remote tools and technologies were introduced that ensured effective collaboration and communication between all members of the organization. These tools enabled the workforce to improve their work processes, streamline their operations, and get real-time support for any complex tasks from experts.

Who is a Connected Worker?

A connected worker is a worker in an industry that is connected with various digital technologies that helps them to lessen the skills gap, acquire the skills needed for the job faster, and keep up in a competitive landscape. An augmented and connected workforce is an asset to any industry as he/she can embrace changes, solve critical and complex tasks, and perform with efficiency consistently. Companies in industrial settings nowadays use remote tools and immersive technologies to make their workforce connected. This drastically improves the efficiency of the workforce and the utilization of their skillset.

Augmented Connected Worker Solutions

As operations are becoming more and more complex and challenging, companies in industrial settings use augmented reality based worker solutions to establish connectivity between workers and machines to improve efficiency, enable them to take better decisions as well as improve safety. The connected worker solutions make it easy to connect with the workers and reduce unnecessary bottlenecks. XRmeet is one such augmented reality platform that helps connect the workforce and eliminate the chances of downtime, and create better work experiences.

The Importance of Connected Worker Solutions

Our customers usually struggle to properly communicate and provide proper assistance to their workforce as well as clients. With the XRmeet AR-based remote assistance and collaboration platform, the customer is able to get augmented visual support and guidance by sharing their physical location irrespective of the remote location they are in. This helps the customer/worker to get assistance quickly without waiting for the expert to reach their location and avoids the chances of unnecessary downtime. Apart from this, below are some additional benefits of connected worker platforms.

• Digitalizing work by converting them to interactive digital instructions and eliminating all paper works

• Improvement in the quality of work and productivity of the workforce

• Improved worker safety

• Access to real-time data and analytics on the performance of machinery

• Faster real-time access to all required information needed to do the job on time

• Able to perform tasks regardless of the location

XRmeet Enables you to be Future Ready Now

As we all know, there is a major shift happening with industry 5.0 and the connected worker is the future. Try our XRmeet augmented reality platform to transform the way your business operates, supports the workforce, and makes decisions. Send us a mail at to schedule a meeting to know how our platform can transform your business.