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Technology Trends for Digital Transformation in 2022


Technology trends in digital transformation in 2022

In 2021, we all witnessed technology disrupting our lives and businesses amidst the pandemic. Another thing we all saw during the pandemic was new technologies popping out of nowhere every day! This is sure to continue for the coming years.

As there is a surge in demand for technologies that helps solve critical challenges, it is essential to know and understand new trends to avoid getting left behind. This blog will discuss some of the biggest technology trends one can expect in digital transformation in 2022.

Top Technology Trends for Digital Transformation in 2022

The digital transformation market is expected to reach $3.3 trillion by 2025, and do you know why this market is growing with each passing day? It is because businesses have now realised that digital transformation will make their business flourish in the future. Now, let’s check out some latest trends in detail.

• 5G

Though 5G has been the buzzword for more than a year, it still has not been in full swing yet. In 2022, we can see 5G finally going mainstream. Then we can see an increase in bandwidth, better reliability and security, and we can finally see all services speeding up.

• Data Protection and Cyber Security

The pandemic has made security and data protection an absolute necessity as online transactions, internet usage, and remote work setup have increased. With more companies embracing digital transformation, there has been an increase in cyber-attacks and security breaches. Companies now realize the importance of adopting high cybersecurity practices. This year, you can witness security, data protection, and transparency, a crucial element for an organization to gain customers’ trust.

• Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Immersive technologies like AR and VR took a high graph, especially since the pandemic. Business owners find these technologies a tool to engage with their customers and customers think these technologies are apt to interact with the products and try them before they buy.

Apart from these, AR now has more applications in the industrial verticals. With AR and VR based solutions, businesses can streamline operations, support their workforce and drive revenue. All these have led to the rising demand for these immersive technologies and has resulted their market to increase by USD 162.71 billion from 2020 to 2025, with an accelerated CAGR of 46%.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Democratization of AI can be one of the biggest technology trends you can witness in 2022. According to the estimate by PwC, Artificial Intelligence will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. The democratization of AI can accelerate businesses embracing digital transformation.

Embrace Digital Transformation with Us

If you haven’t transformed your business digitally, it is high time you did it. If your company has to thrive past the pandemic, you have to take your business online and adopt technologies that will boost productivity, efficiency and streamline the operations.

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