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4 Important Use Cases of AR in Telecommunication


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Telecommunications is the heart of almost every other industry out there. And any interruption in their day-to-day activities might affect them and others. Therefore, being equipped with immersive technologies like AR is quite necessary to navigate through critical tasks and challenges. This blog discusses some important use cases of augmented reality technology in the telecommunication sector.

Use Cases of AR in Telecommunication

Using augmented reality technology, enterprises in the telecom sector can handle critical challenges, deal with emergencies efficiently, avoid downtime, and even virtually collaborate with the team irrespective of the location.

1. Workforce Training

Augmented reality can be leveraged to provide interactive and intuitive training to provide them a better understanding of complex processes and machinery, to develop and retain their knowledge and skills for a longer period, and helps to learn the skills faster.

2. Remote Assistance

Assisting the customers as well as the workforce can be a tiring task. With AR, an expert can virtually connect over live video with the end-user and provide assistance and guide them in their challenging tasks using hand drawings, markings, and AR annotations.

3. Inspection & Maintenance

Routine inspection and maintenance tasks can be easily done by even less experienced personnel without making an error by just scanning the QR code attached to the equipment. All previous inspection and maintenance histories and even the procedure to perform the task will be overlayed on the user’s smart device, tab, or AR wearable.

4. Record Creation

Using augmented reality platforms like XRmeet, you can record the inspection, maintenance, and repair tasks which can be saved and used for future references. This ensures every necessary step is followed by the person performing the tasks.

The Future is Bright Ahead

We believe augmented reality will be the game-changer in the telecommunication industry and we hope more and more companies will adopt this technology soon. For any enquiry related to our AR platform, mail us at