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How will Augmented Reality Shape the Post Pandemic World?


augmented reality shape post pandemic world

Technology will lead the way in the post-pandemic world. As part of industry 4.0 and to strive the crisis the pandemic put forward, many businesses embraced digital transformation. One of the main challenges that we are facing during the pandemic are lockdowns and social distancing. And technology has played a major part in bringing people from all parts of the world together both for personal and professional matters. For many businesses, the biggest struggle has been to figure out innovative ways to maintain a connection between customers and employees.

The technology that most businesses and people chose for remote collaborations and to create physical experiences at the comfort of their homes was Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented reality is not the pipe dream that once it used to be. It paves the path for a better tomorrow and is already used by big giants in almost all sectors. Be it in marketing, entertainment, streamlining complex operations, repair and maintenance, AR just makes everything less complicated and easy to manage. So, let’s check out in detail how Augmented Reality (AR) will help shape the post-pandemic world.

Many companies in the oil and gas sector are undergoing digital transformation to reduce operational costs, provide more safety to their employees, and increase efficiency. Here is how augmented reality finds its application in the oil and gas industry.

Higher Interaction

When Covid-19 was at its peak in 2020, companies had to withdraw social gatherings associated with the marketing of product launches and had to find another way to make the product reach their target audience. Many companies found AR an apt technology to do the job. Companies were able to deliver interactive campaigns for their customers using AR which resulted in higher ROI and excellent tractions from their potential customers.

Virtual Meetings and Events

There was a time when businesses couldn’t do anything without events and daily meetings. But how well have they adapted to the new normal? Let’s check.

Companies brought a cost-effective and highly immersive substitute for physical events through augmented reality. With WebAR and AR based apps, companies launch products and virtual events that help them to create a bond with their customers and generate more leads, all with zero physical contact

With AR apps, you can also provide employees with an immersive training and onboarding experience. It also brings highly interactive collaborations between team members and help them provide remote support regardless of the location.

Boost Team Productivity and WorkFlow

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, the 17 hours of the average 45 hours worked by an employee in a week were unproductive. Remote working has affected day-to-day activities and the hours of unproductivity have escalated and become worse during the remote work situation. To bring an end to such problems, companies have adopted AR for collaboration, to train new employees, and in their operations.

Final Thoughts

Now is the right time to invest in AR. Most companies now keep an eye on futuristic technologies and make them part of their operations to become part of the ‘new normal'. AR indeed helps them to thrive beyond these tough times and drive value. So, if you are looking for an AR app to lead you through these tough times, contact us right away.

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