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How to Tackle Complexity in Manufacturing?


Why companies fail at digital transformation

To be honest, we all know that people working in the manufacturing sector are always at risk. Be it any slight errors or the consequences of these errors, the people are at risk and at the same time costs companies millions. So, how can you ease these complexities and even support the workers? Let’s check it out in detail.

Companies often find ways to improve their productivity though maintaining them and improving them continuously is often a strenuous task. With the adoption of modern immersive technologies, such as AR and VR, many companies have reported having tackled productivity issues and other work complexities to an extent.

Improving Productivity Continuously

AR-based tools such as can be leveraged to improve productivity. But how? Let’s see. can be integrated into the existing system of the organization and be utilized by the workforce to provide the workers the support they require in their work environments to deal with critical challenges. They can access the information they need to perform the task with minimal errors without relying upon anybody else.

Hands-on Immersive and Safety Training can be used to provide immersive training to the frontline workers to prepare and train them for the real work so there will be fewer errors, downtime, and safety issues as well. Putting new talent on the floor with unfamiliar equipment, and procedures can result in unnecessary safety issues. Instead, provide hands-on training for workers using AR-based platforms to familiarize and educate them. Also, AR-based training can be utilized by the company to provide repeated training until the worker learns without any additional costs.

Product Conceptualization and Designing

The initial process of product manufacturing like the concept, prototype, and design process can be a time-consuming and intensive process that might require multiple revisions. With AR, the time taken for these processes can be reduced. Using AR apps and wearables, the 3D models of products at each stage can be shown to the executives or other decision makers and feedback can be made to the virtual products to see how it fits. Faster decision makings and reviews without back-and-forth changes in the product result in faster production and launching of products.

Streamlining Complex Assembly Process

The modern factories and manufacturing units are already utilizing augmented reality and other immersive technologies in the market to make their production smoother and faster. In complex assembly lines where thousands of pieces need to be assembled with efficiency, AR wearables can support the technicians at work with the right instructions to follow.


The big players, as well as the mid-size enterprises in the market, have already started leveraging this technology to tackle the complexities. And eventually, it will be adopted by almost every other industry out there to confront its challenges. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a meeting by sending us a mail to and integrate AR into your operations.

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