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How to Provide AR based Training with It’s Easier than you Think


AR based training

How is your business conducting training for new recruits or make workers familiar with new technology? With the traditional manuals, guides, and training programs method? If that is the case, I must say you are way behind in the training process. With a huge percentage of the workforce with immense knowledge retiring, it is now more than necessary to take an innovative step in training to avoid losing a step.

What if I ask you to ditch the current way you train your workforce and ask you to try out training via AR remote assistance and object detection? It is not even expensive as the traditional intense training programs you now offer and is a brilliant way to make them adopt new skills effectively. So, if you are in for it let's jump on to the rest of the blog.

Offsite Training

Offsite training is of immense importance especially in the manufacturing and oil and gas industries where a lot of risks are involved. So if you are providing your workers with training, then do it right with

With, you can provide digital renditions of the physical products they might come across in the real work environment. It enables the employees to interact with the products as in real life which leads to more engagement and easy understanding of the products leading to fewer chances of repeating the training sessions.

Real-Time Training

Real-time onsite training is mandatory even after the offsite training. This indeed helps in skill adoption as well. When workers are equipped with wearables with, it overlays step-by-step digital work instructions onto any equipment or object the camera is pointed to. This empowers the workers to fix complicated issues by themselves.

Maybe at times, even with the digital instructions, workers may not be able to perform self-service and that is exactly where the remote assistance feature from can help them out. The workers can connect to experts who might be in any part of the world with just a click. This brings a lot of benefits to the business. As workers don’t require to wait till the experts arrive, they can quickly resolve the issue by connecting with them through live video streaming which reduces the chances of downtime, and travel costs associated with experts flying to the locations to deliver help.

Analytics has analytical tools inbuilt in it which provides real-time data insights on how and when training is used by employees, how much time your employees took to solve a task, how many times they had to repeat a step to understand it clearly, and many more. Using these data, the professionals can derive conclusions and make decisions to improve and adjust the training accordingly.

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