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Maintenance & Repair: How to Improve First Time Fix Rates?


 improve first time fix rates in maintenance and repair

Efficiency is the key in maintenance and repair operations. Without an efficient and productive workforce, your business may not probably run very long. And for your customers, first-time fix rates (FTFR) matter as that will be the metrics on which they will judge your business.

Research done by the Aberdeen Group shows that greater FTFR is a determining factor in the success of a business. In fact, 20% of the top-performing companies have a first-time fix rate of 88%. And companies with FTFR below 70% experienced a drop in customer retention to 76%. Now, how can you improve both the efficiency and first-time fix rates? One simple step that you can try out to reap massive benefits is to transform operations digitally.

Let’s explore some steps that you can adopt into your business to ensure improved first-time fix rates in maintenance and repair tasks.

• Invest in Training and Continuous Improvement

A trained and knowledgeable workforce with an excellent skill set is an asset for any organization. And what can you do to develop their skills? The answer is to invest in training to build their skills to get the job done. One of the options for training your workers is to provide them with immersive AR-powered on-the-job training that prepares them for real tasks and helps in their skill retention for a longer period. A trained employee with relevant knowledge gets the tasks done right the first time. Also, you should take any necessary action to fill in their skills gap and improve practice.

• Collaboration between teams

Good communication between experts and technicians is a game-changer and allows to address and resolve issues quickly. Invest in good remote collaboration tools so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality and safety of your workers.

• Using XRmeet remote assistance software

One of the many steps you can take is adopting an AR remote assistance software like XRmeet. Augmented reality enabled technology eases the maintenance and repair tasks of technicians to a great extent. The remote assistance software overlays information required for fixing the issues right in front of the worker, enabling them to fix issues independently with minimal errors. If they need any real assistance, they can also contact experts with a touch and share their physical space to get real-time assistance virtually.

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