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How to Choose the Right AR Remote Assistance Software for your Business


It’s amazing to see how augmented reality is evolving day by day and is meeting the challenges and requirements of businesses in every vertical. Seeing the benefits that AR is leveraging to other businesses, more businesses are now choosing AR-based remote assistance to solve their business challenges and to smoothly run their operations. But most businesses get stuck when they are to decide the right AR remote assistance that suits their business needs. But don’t worry, read on this blog to find out what all to check out before opting for remote assistance software. There are several remote assistance solution providers in the market. But it is your call to decide which one you want to incorporate into your business. So, to ensure you are choosing the right AR remote assistance solution for your business, here are six things to consider.

Remote collaboration

On the basic level, the platform must be able to connect technicians and experts without any friction. The remote collaboration enabled remote assistance software should enable people to engage as a team without the location barrier. In a nutshell, the software must help in efficient collaboration, improve communication and productivity.

Multiple Device compatibility

Before making a purchase, ensure the software supports multiple form factors and easily connects to any hardware like wearables, phones (iOS & Android), or tablets. Find out the devices your technicians and experts are commonly using and opt for the solution accordingly.

Visual Support

The remote assistance solution you adopt must be easy for both technician and expert to use and should resolve issues faster. For this, the AR remote assistance software must provide visual support through live HD video streaming enabling experts to see what the technicians see and guide them through the repair process.

Object Detection and AR Instructions

3D object detection is a key feature to look out for in AR remote assistance software. After uploading necessary contents into the software, with 3D object detection, you must be able to show all necessary digital AR instructions to your worker anytime and anywhere when he/she camera points the camera to an object or when an object is scanned.

AR Annotations

When the technician seeks help from an expert, the expert must be able to provide instructions with ease as well as be able to draw AR annotations for clarity and to avoid any occurrence of errors on the screen the technician use while video streaming.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics is another crucial factor when choosing remote assistance software. AR-powered analytics engine can display real-time data of machine performance and operational efficiency on any machinery through wearables, mobiles, or desktops. Imagine working in a very risky environment with complex machinery. Wouldn’t showing real-time data on these machines reduce the risks associated and makes the on-site technician aware of any complexities? It indeed becomes easier for on-site technicians to take necessary action steps to prevent any complications.

With business challenges increasing day by day and to protect the health of employees during the pandemic, more businesses are forced to try out remote assistance solutions. But be careful and adopt the right remote assistance to your business which not only helps you overcome the challenges but also aids in the smooth run of operations.

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