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How to Address the Aging Workforce Crisis using AR?


How to solve the aging workforce crisis using augmented reality

The aging workforce is one of the main challenges faced by many companies across the world. By 2020, 55% of the American workforce approach retirement, a phenomenon called the Silver Tsunami, which is likely to continue past 2030. The retirement of this workforce with expertise leaves a gap that can negatively impact any organization. While this retirement of a highly skilled workforce worries organizations, the ageing workforce is also in agony thinking about their post-retirement life.

So, how can augmented reality address this rising crisis without replacing the ageing workforce? Let’s see.

Addressing Aging Workforce Crisis

Many older workers find thriving in today’s work environment a challenge due to various reasons, including age discrimination, health conditions, and improper training sessions. And most of them are not ready to accept retirement life due to financial troubles or simply because they can’t imagine a life without working.

As organizations also face a major loss of knowledge and expertise with the older workforce retiring, it is also crucial for them to retain and leverage their knowledge. Therefore, instead of replacing the aging workforce, you can ask them to provide remote support to the younger workforce or recruits. This way, your workforce won’t be jobless, and you get to leverage their years of experience and knowledge. And how can you do this? The best way to address this crisis is using augmented reality based remote support tools such as XRmeet.

How to use XRmeet to Address Workforce Crisis?

XRmeet is an augmented reality based remote support and collaboration tool. With XRmeet, you can draw AR annotations on a live video call that can be anchored to physical objects in the real world so that the other person can easily guide you through the issue resolution process.

To bring specialists to the site whenever problems arise is quite expensive and time-consuming. XRmeet allows you to connect with your specialists within touch and provide you with the support required without any complications. This way, your aged workforce gets to provide remote support from wherever they are, even after they are retired.

Move Forward with Augmented Reality

With the pandemic accelerating the early retirement of the aging workforce, it is necessary and wise to think of adopting augmented reality into your operations. Leverage this immersive technology to your advantage today! Contact us at to schedule a free AR consultation to discuss adopting AR into your organization and reap its benefits.