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Digital Twins, Driving Innovation For Enterprises


Why companies fail at digital transformation

It’s been only a few months since we started to hear about metaverse and Digital Twins. Though many of you are familiar with metaverse, digital twin might sound like an unfamiliar term. So, what exactly is a digital twin? A digital twin, as the name implies, is a virtual replica of products, machines, or even larger objects like buildings, which can be used for different purposes like marketing, designing, planning, testing, etc., across various industrial verticals.

As usual, whenever new technologies or new trends arrive in the market, there is always a resistance. But enterprises that have brought in digital twins were able to conduct planning, diagnosis, testing, etc., very precisely and cost-effectively.

Here, we have included some examples to show how digital twins enable enterprises, and organizations to drive innovation.

1. Product Development

Having digital twins of the products being developed helps the designers and technicians to test the feasibility of the products under various conditions and even plan the design and structure of the products even before manufacturing the product. This saves the risk of product failure and costs involved in the manufacturing of the product.

2. Continuous Evaluation and Testing

In the case of complex products, after the initial testing and evaluation, mostly the next round of testing happens when the product shows signs of breakdown or problems. This might lead to higher costs in fixing. By using digital twins of complex products, you can continuously evaluate and test the performance of the product without any additional expenses.

3. Industrial IoT

Organizations that already implement IoT can create high-fidelity virtual replicas of their physical assets to evaluate the performance of their assets over time and predict possible downtime. This helps to get rid of any additional costs associated with the fixing of failed products.

Summing Up

The digital twin enables companies to accelerate digitalization and drive innovation by providing real-time insights into products and enhanced user experience. At, we offer advanced AR-based digital transformation solutions that will help you meet all your requirements irrespective of the industry. To know more, drop a mail at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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