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Can AR Reduce the Cost of Poor Quality?


How augmented reality reduce the cost of poor quality

Augmented reality is a technology that is invested in by many industry giants, though now, manufacturing companies are the ones that are heavily investing in this immersive technology. This immersive technology is rapidly changing the pace of growth and is revolutionizing the manufacturing and production sector. An important thing that companies always aim to reduce is issues during the production cycle to avoid poor quality products being released to the market. In this blog, we discuss more on cost of poor quality (COPQ) and how AR aids companies in reducing this.

What is Cost of Quality (CoQ)?

CoQ is the cost involved for the organization to ensure and maintain the quality of products and that help to analyze how the resources of the company are spent. The total cost for ensuring quality or CoQ is the total costs of poor and good quality. Cost of Good Quality (CoGQ) means the costs associated with the prevention of failure of products which involves proper workforce training, product development, testing, etc. COPQ on the other hand is the costs involved after the product is reached the customer (Eg: damage that occurred during shipping) as well as the failures that occur before reaching the customer like machine downtime, waste of resources, long production cycle with endless errors, etc.

How does AR Reduce the Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ)?

As mentioned above, the cost of poor quality can be a result of a lot of factors like unexpected machine downtime, inefficient workforce, shipping damages, return of goods, etc and it can cause loss of millions as well as lead to poor customer satisfaction, reduced profit and extra hours of the workforce. But with augmented reality, you can reduce this cost related low quality to an extent. Let’s check out how.

1. Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing is the reality now and automated workflows, and operations are the base of today’s manufacturing industries. Most of the factories are now IoT connected and when combined with AI and AR technologies, it opens new doors to perform complex tasks with ease, and get real insights and data upon any slight changes in machinery which in turn reduce downtime and improves the safety of the workforce.

2. Efficient AR Training

In a manufacturing unit while facing unusual challenges even seasoned workers might need appropriate training to perform or finish the task with perfection. And just by using augmented reality powered smart devices or wearables, newbies, as well as experienced workers, can get familiar with work scenarios even before they are introduced to the real work environment.

3. Digital Prototype or Digital Twins

Endless changes in a product in the development stage results in a loss of money for the organization. Building digital twins of the assets or the products in production enables the workers to try different possibilities of the product and can test the working under different scenarios and then come up with the best product. All these initial planning and testing can be done on a digital product rather than a real product thereby reducing the cost associated with multiple changes on the real product.

4. Erasing the Human Error

There can certainly be human errors during quality checks. You might have developed the best solution out there but yet a slight error that goes without noticing might fail the product. Using an AR solution like, one can get all required information during quality checks virtually right in front of them thereby erasing the chance of error. Also, with real-time data and analytics, a worker gets alerts if any abnormalities occur and can get the problem resolved even before it occurs.

Seeking AR Solutions to Reduce Cost of Quality?

If you are seeking the right AR solution to reduce your overall costs associated with quality, then contact today. Our augmented reality solution is built for the workforce in industrial sectors to improve their efficiency, and productivity and to streamline the growth and revenue of the organizations. To schedule a call, mail us at

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