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How is AR Revolutionizing the Future of Mining Industry?


How is AR revolutionizing the future of mining industry

It is now a widely known truth that AR is now embraced by companies in the industrial sectors as well. And one such industry where AR is bringing tremendous transformation is the mining industry. By providing more safety, efficiency, and even driving the productivity of the workforce, companies in this sector are leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) technology to drive innovation and growth. Here in this blog, we are including some of the several ways in which augmented reality technology changing the future of the mining sector.

1. AR for Experiential and Safety Training

Augmented reality can be leveraged to provide an immersive real-work environment based trainings to the workers. Such training before introducing them to the real work environment enables them to get prepared and trained for dealing with high-risk machinery, tools, and critical work environments.

2. AR for Maintenance and Repair

Augmented reality enables to overlay instructions to perform routine inspection, maintenance, and repair tasks onto the smart wearables or smart devices which the worker uses to remove any chances of error occurrence in such a high-risk work environment.

3. AR for Drilling Operations and Navigational Aid

AR can aid in the critical drilling operations by providing them with real-time data and insights to prevent any errors or safety issues and improve drilling accuracy and safety of the workers as well as the mining site.

During the mining operations, workers often face problems related to poor visibility due to rain, dust, or other factors. And using an AR-based visual overlay during this scenario can be beneficial to provide navigational aid to workers and can be used to warn them about hazardous objects or scenarios.

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