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How Does AR Training Aid in the Safety and Excellence in Refineries?


Why companies fail at digital transformation

The complexity of the refineries is increasing and the importance of ensuring the safety of the workers, the refineries, the plant as well as the people around is crucial. Any operational inefficiencies, or unskilled workforce, and the rising gap in the skills due to an aging workforce can lead to unintended occupational and safety hazards.

As per reports, the employees at refineries are 5 times more likely to be injured than the employees in other industrial sectors and the count is always rising with time. Therefore, the health and safety of the workforce should be a prime concern. Companies in this sector have now started to adopt technologies and measures that help to ensure the safety of their workforce

Augmented Reality (AR) training has become a lot more common than it was a few months ago. Thanks to the pandemic, this technology is now being used by major tech as well as industrial companies to support their workforce, streamline operations and ensure the safety of the workforce.

How AR Training Help to Ensure Safety and Productivity?

Augmented reality can enhance the knowledge and skills of the worker and can even fill the knowledge gap that is prominent with the retirement of the aged and experienced workforce. Here, in this blog, we discuss how an augmented reality platform like can help transform this industry.

• Augmented Training for the Workforce augmented reality platform will be a game-changer for oil and gas companies. With the platform, you can provide interactive and engaging training for the new joiners as well as provide upskill training for the existing employees to enhance their efficiency and to train them for new challenges. With the AR training, the newbies get to experience the virtual representation of their real work environment and train in them before getting to the real site.

• Digital Work Instructions

Most times employees face challenges while performing unfamiliar tasks. Any slight error can cause damage of millions and may even affect their safety. With AR, digital work instructions can be projected right in front of the employees using an AR wearable or smart device.

• Access to Real-time Data and Analytics

Organizations that have already implemented IoT can get real-time access to data and analytics. Along with machine learning and AR, there is a scope for predictive maintenance that helps the workforce to detect any abnormalities in any machinery or assets inside the factory.

• Remote Inspection and Maintenance

The AR-enabled remote assistance platform like can be used to provide support for the remote inspection and maintenance tasks of the workforce. can be easily integrated with the organization’s existing system and thereby enabling the workforce to access real-time information on how to conduct the inspection tasks or any previous work history and methods to follow while doing a particular inspection or maintenance task. This empowers the workforce to self-perform any tasks with ease.

Conclusion has already proven its expertise in various industry verticals and is loved by organizations at all levels. So, let us talk how remote assistance can help your organization by scheduling a meeting. Send us a mail to

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How Does AR Training Aid in the Safety and Excellence in Refineries?


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