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How AR Remote Support Ensure Business Continuity even after COVID-19


AR remote support for business continuity

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays digital information onto the user’s physical world. Compared to past years, augmented reality has now been widely known and is used even among consumers urging several businesses to try out the possibilities and scope of AR in their business.

With COVID-19 Pandemic, many countries have implemented various forms of lockdown which have seriously impacted almost all businesses. Also, there has been a huge upsurge in the use of digital technologies in shopping and retail, education sector, remote working, health as well as in the entertainment sector. This is where the importance of your business being digital-ready comes.

COVID-19 has had many impacts and challenges on businesses. Some of which are:

• Hindrance to have face to face interactions.

• Limitation to the size of gatherings thereby restricting any group meetings.

• Restriction on travel making several employees work from home and only a few to work on-site and others being ill by contracting the virus.

• Due to a lack of people at work, many business processes were interrupted.

• New employees who were recruited during these times were difficult to be trained on the processes and products of the business.

• Most importantly people started to be aware of the spread of the virus making them reluctant to touch or use objects that have been already touched by others.

Taking these challenges into account, adaptation to new digital technologies is a must for the long-term success of a business.

To ensure business continuity at turbulent times, it is essential to have a contingency plan. When COVID-19 got us all locked up in our homes, it was businesses that suffered the worst. Many businesses were grappling without knowing how to respond to the pandemic.

But some businesses quickly deployed solutions to adapt to the world of working from home and new communication paradigms to mitigate the impacts and other risks caused by the pandemic and to maintain business continuity.

So, how did your business ensure the continuity of operations? One technology that many businesses adopted to deal with the threats of the pandemic was augmented reality (AR) powered remote assistance. But one surprising fact is that even when things are coming back to normal slowly, AR still finds its place in the smooth run of operations. When restrictions were placed on travelling, AR remote support came as a bliss for many companies to run their business operations as usual even with fewer on-site staff.

Let’s find out how, the industrial AR remote assistance solution has helped businesses sustain during the pandemic

Remote Collaboration

When the pandemic put us in a critical state by imposing travelling and other restrictions, we were unable to go to work and be in the same place as our colleagues. The remote collaboration feature opened up a way for people to work together despite being in different physical locations.’s remote collaboration solution combines live video streaming, audio, and text chat with AR annotations. You can collaborate with multiple teams where each participant can see any model, design, or anything that is projected to their view via AR-enabled devices. Each user can annotate and share the visual feedback thereby enhancing the decision-making quicker and easier. It also helps the expert to support the novices without any delay and right in action. This helps in mitigating the restrictions of group gatherings and more.

Also it helps frontline workers connect with experts and provide them real-time visual support with valuable guidance and insights right in their field of view. Both the on-site technician as well as the expert can draw AR annotations on multiple form factors like AR wearables, mobile or desktop which stick to 3D physical objects. This leads to the quick resolution of issues. It also allows colleagues to come together and make substantial decisions for the business.

Real-time Support for Frontline Workers Anytime

Especially during the pandemic, on-site technicians needed to handle tasks by themselves which were earlier done as a team. To enable them to perform self-service, remote assistance solutions were integrated into the operations.

In circumstances where continuous remote support by experts is not required, provides step-by-step AR-powered digital instructions to guide them through the tasks. They are also provided with previous video guides of similar tasks, therefore, enabling them to complete the task all by themselves.

Minimized Equipment Downtime

Businesses suffer badly on the occurrence of a sudden equipment failure or unplanned downtime. This was the most crucial element most of the businesses needed help with. helps businesses shorten these horrid downtimes and save a serious amount of money. It speeds up the troubleshooting process by making all information needed to fix it available right in front of the field technicians. With the live camera streaming, the remote expert can assess the issues and guide the user with annotations that appear over the user screen in real-time, without the barrier of geographical location. This aids in reducing misinterpretations, equipment downtime and ensures safety with real time AR instructions. It also helps in reducing the need for travel and helps you save time and cost.

Reduced Costs for Businesses

AR hugely helps businesses to operate smoothly in highly complex and competitive environments. Most businesses look out for technology that is cost-effective, easy to integrate and maintain. The remote assistance software from ensures businesses increase revenue, optimize operations by minimizing downtime and training time. In other words, it allows spending less time resolving issues, increasing productivity and reducing the expense associated with downtime and repeat expert visits.

Remote AR Based Training

With AR you can alleviate the problem of frequent travels by providing remote training sessions to newly recruited workers or existing workers on new equipment. is one such platform through which you can provide highly interactive and efficient remote training to workers.

Get it Done Right Now!

Since you now know how adapting to AR can help mitigate the impacts and restrictions on your businesses and how you can re-imagine the business processes with AR, we urge you to check out how Irrespective of whether you are a small or medium business or an enterprise, deploying can redefine the way your business operates now. And you know what, we build custom AR remote solutions just for your business needs. Send us a mail to for a Free AR consultation or demo.

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