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How AR Helps Equipment Manufacturers in Remote Installation


Augmented reality for remote installation of equipmentn

Industries around the globe find augmented reality a technology that helps their workforce gain the efficiency and skillset required for the job. And equipment manufacturing companies, where equipment installation plays a huge part, see AR as the right tool to aid their workforce.

A workforce supported by augmented reality technology for remote installation can do their jobs safely with less pressure, errors, and meet deadlines. AR-powered remote installation helps OEMs to save the time and money spent on field experts and follow-ups as well.

How does Augmented Reality Help in Remote Installation?

Equipment installation can sometimes be complex and can cause delays due to the lack of skill set or shortage of labor. Using an augmented reality tool helps the field workers to install equipment with ease by delivering step-by-step instructions directly to their line of sight.

An AR-based remote assistance tool such as makes remote collaboration between field workers and experts a reality. Both users can communicate using live video stream to virtually get the support they need for installation.

How does make Remote Installation Easier? remote assistance platform allows users to share their physical space via smartphones, tabs, or laptops. Experts in a remote location can view the field worker's problem and can even pause the live video stream draw annotations that stick to the objects. The expert and the fieldworker can pause the live video stream and overlay drawings or AR tools onto the screen and take screenshots for future reference.

Let’s show you a quick example of how makes remote installation easier by taking a scenario in the machine installation in the construction sector. Imagine your field worker performing the installation is facing trouble.

• The fieldworker can open the application installed in any device he has and point the device's camera to the equipment.

• Detailed step-by-step instructions will be overlayed on the worker’s line of sight to carry out the installation process smoothly.

• If the worker feels the need for an expert’s advice, he can follow the below steps.

• The fieldworker can open the application installed on any device and start a session with an expert.

• Once the experts join the session, the worker can share his physical space using a live video stream.

• If the expert or worker finds it difficult to understand or convey the exact issue, they can pause the live video stream and draw annotations on objects for quick understanding.

• The worker can then resolve the issue as per the instruction from the remote expert.

• The OEM expert can then verify that everything is done accurately.

• The worker can also take screenshots for future reference.

Using helps save time and money spent in the frequent travel of experts and helps finish tasks on time.

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