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A Short Guide on How to Use XRmeet AR Platform


augmented reality guide

Remote assistance is something that enterprises, workforce, and customers love as it makes their lives a lot easier. When combined with AR, it brings additional benefits to anyone using it. Our augmented reality based remote assistance platform is loved by enterprises and businesses alike, and we are often encountered with questions on how to use our augmented reality platform. Here, we have curated a short guide on how to use our AR platform.

Guide to Use our Augmented Reality Platform

XRmeet is an AR-based remote assistance object detection platform that provides real-time support to anyone requiring help to solve complex or unfamiliar problems. When technicians share their physical space, the experts can virtually see and guide them as if they were side-by-side. The AR annotations, text, and other contents in our platform ensure clear communication and leaves no scope for misunderstandings. Now, let’s move on to the guide on how to use XRmeet for remote assistance.

1. Login to your XRmeet account by entering the credentials, and you will be redirected to the home page.

2. To start a session (two-way audio or video call between expert and client), click on the Invite Client option. You can schedule a session for a future date by choosing the schedule option next to invite.

3. You can send a session link and a code via email. The other party can join the session via the link by entering the unique 6-digit session code through a web browser or XRmeet app. Also, when inviting a client, the host has the provision to set his/her own camera, microphone off or on. This can be done by clicking on the respective icons on the left side.

4. In case, you were shared with a 6-digit code or a meeting link via email, then login to your XRmeet account and click on Join Session.

5. If you are logging in through the app, click on join session, enter the unique code, and click on the join session button.

6. Once the video call begins, you can communicate with your clients or experts through audio, chat, AR annotations, and drawings. The experts can guide the technicians through the live video stream using a set of tools in XRmeet.

7. To use AR annotations, click on the Annotate option on the right-side bar. You can choose any AR content and then tap anywhere on the live video stream you wish to place the content.

8. To use arrow to mark the exact position on a live video stream, click on the arrow option on the right-side panel.

9. You can add text, pencil drawings and erase the added contents all by selecting the respective options in the side panel.

10. You can freeze the live video stream and add contents of your choice and can take screenshots whenever required.

11. Once the session is concluded, you can see the insights of the session by clicking on the session details on the left side panel of the home page.

Building a smarter frontline and meeting customer’s needs is a top priority for all businesses. And we help you achieve this mission. Request a demo today or if you would like to schedule a free AR consultation with us, send us a mail to

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