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Four Ways AR Enhances Industrial Businesses


It is always exciting for tech enthusiasts like us to see technologies with great potential picking up pace and bringing immense benefits. It is even more exciting when we see businesses adopt such technologies to their solutions. Examples of such technologies are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). They are picking up pace and are now widely used in industrial solutions to bridge the gap between real and virtual worlds and to support workforce efficiently and smoothly run businesses.

Though we know AR and VR are great technologies, you will be reading more about AR technology and how it helps keep business up and running. Here are four ways businesses can use augmented reality to enhance revenue and growth efficiently.

How AR Keeps Industrial Business Running?

1. Enhanced Remote Assistance

Assisting remotely is not a new concept, but the current state of assistance is deeply flawed, and the expert cannot even diagnose the issue properly. The truth is that problems that only take 5 mins to solve can take hours to resolve in the current scenario. And it always results in unnecessary travel of experts to onsite.

Now with AR, remote assistance is truly enhanced, and the expert can guide the technician/worker to resolve the problem within a few minutes. The worker can video call the expert using smartphones, tablets, or smart glasses with a click. The expert can quickly diagnose the problem and use Augmented Reality (AR) to guide them through the process using pointers and other digital overlays on the live video stream.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Travel Expenses

The best way to do this is to empower the workforce. As we know, technical products consist of many components and come with dozens of manuals and other guides to operate them. But how many of these guides can come in handy when your worker is trying to fix a complex issue?

Now it is easy to transfer all these guides and work manuals to visual step-by-step instructions using AR. It can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and even AR wearables at any time. This way, the workforce can access it any time and fix issues on their own.

3. Efficient Inspection & Maintenance

Daily inspection and maintenance are strenuous tasks and can bring downtime if not done properly. But with AR wearables and smartphones installed with augmented reality powered work instructions to assist, they can follow the inspection and maintenance tasks without making critical errors.

AR makes it quick and easy to perform inspection, maintenance, and repair tasks, eliminates downtime and pressure on workers in the first place and improves the workforce's efficiency

4. Increased Workforce Productivity

Workforce productivity is the primary focus of many businesses. Most businesses are now adopting AR to improve the productivity of their workforce. Augmented reality helps specialists or OEMs virtually work side-by-side with anyone needing help and makes the entire industrial process less cumbersome.

At XRmeet, we know the value of integrating a technology that can streamline your business and satisfy your customers. Our unique AR-powered remote solution helps to walk your users through the most complex tasks with ease. And we know that integrating a new solution can be difficult. But we will make each step of integration and user adoption as easy as possible. For more info or to schedule an AR consultation call, send us a mail to