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Fifth Industrial Revolution: Changing the Business Landscape


Fifth industrial revolution changing the business landscape

The future of the industrial landscape is the harmonious collaboration between humans and machines. The introduction of the fifth industrial revolution (5IR) emphasizes this fact, machines and humans working synergistically. This paves the way for more human-machine collaboration software and technologies that will help in the smooth co-existence of both machines and humans.

The Transition to 5IR is Happening

According to an article by World Economic Forum, in the fifth industrial revolution, machines and humans will dance together, metaphorically. What exactly can one expect in Industry 5.0? It is the synchronized usage of AI, Big Data, IoT, AR (Industry 4.0), and human intelligence. Unlike Industry 4.0, where everyone had a fear of human replacement and competing with robots for jobs, industry 5.0 focuses on a balanced relationship between humans and the latest technologies. Machines will be used to do the repeating mundane tasks and humans will be given to handling the creative side. Industry 5.0 demands greater connectivity to provide reliable and better connections between humans and machines. Now, with the rollout of 5G, businesses can transform digitally without the hassle of connectivity issues.

The Fifth Industrial Revolution Might be What we Need

5IR is changing the business landscape and can create a greater socio-economic era. This is most advantageous for industrial sectors like the manufacturing industry as this new revolution will enhance the collaboration between humans and smart systems leading to a more optimized workflow. Though now in the blooming phase, the fifth industrial revolution will transform the face of the business landscape within a few years.

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