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Debunking Myths About Augmented Reality


busting myths about augmented reality

As Augmented Reality (AR) becomes more and more popular with each passing day, there is a rise in the myths circulating about AR. These myths and confusions around augmented reality arise due to the lack of knowledge about this technology. So, let’s start from there.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes digital content, be it 3D models, images, videos, text, audio, and more, to the real world in real-time using smart wearables, smartphones, and tablets.

Myths About Augmented Reality

As you know what augmented reality is, we can address some widely spread misconceptions about AR that still hold this technology back.

• Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are Same

Though AR and VR are slightly related, they provide an entirely different experience to the user. When a user uses augmented reality technology, they can clearly distinguish between the real and virtual worlds. In other words, AR acts as a bridge between the real and virtual worlds. AR is experienced through smart wearables, smartphones, and even tablets.

On the other hand, virtual reality completely immerses the user visually into the virtual world and makes them think they are in that world. In other words, VR completely shuts out the real world and immerses the user into the virtual world. Virtual reality is usually experienced through VR headsets.

• Augmented Reality is Expensive

It is another myth that augmented reality platforms are on the expensive side. In actuality, AR platforms and software are pretty affordable when you purchase the right one that suits your business goals and operations. A thing you can consider before making a purchase is to choose to buy from an AR focused company that has its proprietary AR engine. This will make the AR platform easily customizable and affordable, even for big enterprises. And today there are quite a lot of options out there for businesses to choose according to their budget and requirements.

• The Applications of Augmented Reality is limited to Gaming Sector

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about augmented reality. Though AR was used mainly in the gaming and entertainment sector in the initial stages, things have changed now. AR is now revolutionizing other industries as well. Industries like manufacturing, automotive, tourism, oil and gas, education, retail have been reaping the benefits of this immersive technology for quite long.

• Augmented Reality is only for the Tech Giants

Yes, we have seen tech giants investing heavily in augmented reality. We see this often because they know the true potential and knows AR is the future. And seeing many of the tech giants investing in AR makes other enterprises and businesses grow fond of it to try it in their operations. And it is a proven fact that companies that have adopted AR have seen drastic improvements in downtime, productivity, sales, and more.

• Augmented Reality is a Passing Fad and has no Future

It indeed takes time to accept an emerging technology. With continuous updates made in this technology and even more applications seen in almost every vertical, people will start to embrace augmented reality even more in the future. AR is not a passing fad, my friend; it is to stay forever.

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