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Can Remote Assistance Bring You Close to Your Customer?


Use AR Remote assistance to bring you close to your customer

We might have come across various remote assistance software and platforms that help to connect the workforce and the customers, especially during the pandemic. Even though the pandemic struggles have passed, the remote support tools that were used at that time have found a permanent place in almost all organizations.

The introduction of remote assistance tools completely changed how things are done. To support the technician or customer or to resolve any critical issue, the experts were required to travel onsite. Then came the pandemic’s time when AR-based remote assistance platforms like XRmeet were adopted by many enterprises and organizations. So, can these remote assistance platforms bring you close to your customer? Let’s check in detail.

• Client-Friendly Assistance

Assisting your clients at the right time is crucial. Arriving at the client’s location after long hours is not an ideal solution. When your customers have to wait for hours for a response from the company’s side, their loyalty might switch to others. With augmented reality based remote assistance, the customers can share their physical location easily with experts and get guidance for critical challenges without escalating the issues.

• Faster Response

Faster response to critical issues is important because as time goes on, chances are high that the issues might worsen especially with heavy machinery. Therefore, faster resolution time is the key to getting your client’s loyalty and appreciation. And with remote assistance based on AR, you can provide assistance to any challenging tasks in a moment’s time. All you need to do is start a call with your customer and support him with AR-based annotations and markings.

• Improved Customer Satisfaction

High FCR can improve user experience and can enhance customer satisfaction. Happy customers are the pillars of any business and can boost revenue and will give you an advantage over competitors.


Providing expert assistance whenever needed helps to get an edge over competitors and builds customer relations for life. If you are looking to provide AR remote assistance for your customers, contact us at