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Businesses Adopts Augmented Reality in MRO Operations


What is MRO?

So, what is MRO? MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul. Maintenance, repair, and overhaul are the most critical areas of various industries. These comprise a set of operations that is key to the whole manufacturing process. Any disruption in the routine MRO operations can cripple a business and may result in missing customer deliveries, loss of revenue, and affect the performance of the workforce. Therefore it is quite necessary to operate seamlessly. And in recent years, the MRO sector has undergone significant changes as part of digitalization by embracing new technologies in their way of operations to achieve industry growth and drive efficiency in operations.

Augmented Reality in MRO

Augmented reality is a technology that has been deployed in MRO operations part of industry 4.0. An example of this is the development of AR-based maintenance support technology by Mitsubishi Electric.

Similar to this, XRmeet AR based remote assistance software is used by a lot of businesses right now to improve maintenance and support, minimize downtime, and increase the productivity of the workforce. Imagine if the software could recognize the machinery or any object under examination and comes up with related information for the user to review. Various machinery documentation, previous repair history, and other related paper works would be improved drastically.

AR Maximizes Efficiency and Accuracy

Be it any scenario, if your company has already integrated MRO services as a process performed by your technicians or if you receive MRO service from providers, XRmeet’s AR remote assistance software can be customized accordingly and can be developed to work for the common goal, the optimization of MRO operations.

With AR remote assistance software, technicians will be able to see repair or service information overlaid on their AR wearable. Related diagrams or instructions can also be accessed easily enabling them to easily compare the original equipment with the 3D models. AR also enables technicians to complete their tasks step by step with the information given to them at all times. This enables them to perform tasks correctly without missing any steps and helps them to easily detect and report any problems.

AR Streamlines Training

Training new technicians especially for MRO operations can be a difficult task, but not with AR. With XRmeet AR remote assistance software, the experts can see what the technician sees and assist them through the right process. Also, it allows easy access to digital manuals for any process the technician needs help with, all within a click. This on-the-job training yields more efficiency and productivity than normal training programs.


MRO is a critical aspect of every operation irrespective of industry. Even if you are a small or medium business or even an enterprise, investing in technologies that will ensure smooth operations of MRO will help you spend less time with production downtime and slowdowns. Adopt AR today! You can any time request a free demo of our AR remote assistance software by clicking here.