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Remote Technical Support using Augmented Reality


augmented reality in remote support

The works of field service technicians are of paramount importance in every industry. Any slight problem in the field without proper support to resolve it can result in the loss of millions to the company. So, it’s time to say goodbye to old mediocre support calls, find the right tool to streamline operations, improve first-time fix rates and avoid unnecessary service costs.

Augmented reality support enables the service technicians to solve any critical issue on their own with AR instructions displayed right in front of them. They can also contact an expert who can see the issue in real-time and guide them through the process with AR annotations and drawings. All this can be easily done with a tool called

In this blog, we will explore how technical assistance works nowadays, how AR replaces the traditional support methods, and how helps to provide AR remote support to your field technicians.

How is Technical Assistance Working Today?

Technical assistance is required when your customer faces an unexpected problem or needs your guidance to assemble or set up a device or machinery. To get the device or any equipment they bought up and running, the customer may check out the manual that they received with the device which makes things more complicated especially for people without much tech knowledge.

More than 50% of the companies provide voice support which eventually results in unnecessary friction between experts and customers and an increased rate of frustrated hung-ups from the customers’ side. Companies have now started providing video support too but without proper tools to mark what exactly the experts are asking the customers to do, a simple issue can take hours to resolve, wasting your as well as your customers’ valuable time. This is exactly where augmented reality can help both you and the customer.

Augmented Reality in Remote Technical Support

By overlaying visual AR instructions on the screen, you can guide the customer with minimum effort. What do you think your customer will find easy, a bundle of papers explaining what to do or visual instructions that he/she can access by scanning a QR code? The second one, right?

Similar is the case when your customer or technician needs to contact you when some issue arises. Without traveling all the way there, you can virtually provide the necessary support with live HD video and use AR annotations and hand drawings on the video. This allows experts to see what the problem is in real-time and guide them through the right process without moving from their desks.

Why is a Popular Choice for Remote Support based on Augmented Reality? is a sophisticated platform for providing Remote Support using AR. It provides a real-time solution to all industry bottlenecks, repairs, manufacturing and production issues, lack of experience among technicians, etc. can be used in manufacturing, utility, oil and gas, aviation companies, telehealth, automotive companies, and so on. enables you to resolve all your problems remotely with smartphones, tablets, and AR wearables. By using an AR wearable, the technician can accurately diagnose the problem and find a solution. This reduces the amount of time spent understanding the problem and checking out the manuals. AR instructions to resolve the issue will be displayed in the technician’s field of view enabling them to work hands-free.

The technician/customer can contact a remote expert using for guidance. The expert can see what the technician sees and help them understand the problem and provide them with necessary instructions using AR annotations and hand drawings. This reduces time and money spend on traveling to onsite or remote locations.

Choose AR Remote Support, Choose

Augmented reality is already disrupting technical assistance and is bringing a huge difference in the way we interact with the world around us. By helping customers/technicians to resolve an issue on spot, improve customer experience and enhance your customer support. Adopt augmented reality into your support today!

If you have any questions or need more details, simply fill up our signup form or send us a mail at We will reach you within 24 hours.

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