Work Smart from Anywhere with AR

Fed-up with calls, chats, and visits? Are you looking for a one-stop augmented reality remote assistance software to assist your workforce remotely with quicker solutions and avoid unexpected downtime? Then, your solution is right here.

Web, App & Wearable AR supporting solution that can scale across your enterprise.

Work from anywhere with AR

Technical Support with AR Remote Assistance

Technicians can assess the issues with the user camera stream and guide with hand drawing, marking, or text in real-time. These AR annotations will appear over the user screen.

Smarter solutions for every role

Field Technician

XRmeet, helps to overcome geographical barriers in the in-situ inspections without travels, and saves time and cost. It also helps to provide accurate and assertive instructions quickly and resolves issues.

Field technician using AR to solve issues

Technical Expert

XRmeet provides facility to collaborate with multiple teams together , thus enhancing the decision making quicker and easier. It helps knowledge transfer between the expert and novices without any delay and right in action.

Technical expert


Non experts can self service and resolve issues by their own through quick remote assistance with AR support. Accurate and specific instructions in AR annotations will help in error-free support and maintenance.

Customer using AR to resolve issues

Creating Sessions

Create a session to have two –way communication with the customer and provide real-time remote assistance with the live video stream and AR annotations.

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How to create sessions in XRMeet
How to join sessions in XRMeet

Joining Sessions

Join the session with the link or 6-digit code and start the session with the live video stream and AR annotations.

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Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Features

Even more to Explore

XRmeet makes remote work with augmented reality possible. With our secure and enterprise ready augmented reality remote assistance software, we ensure business continuity, increased operational efficiency and productivity and make it easy for you to connect your workforce with experts with a few clicks. Below are the features available in our augmented reality based remote assistance software that makes us stand out among the other AR remote assistance solutions out there.

AR annotations used in XRmeet

AR Annotations

Overlays and displays in-situ information for users on the real-world object.

Live HD camera sharing in XRmeet

Live HD Camera Sharing

Two-way video and audio streaming between users and experts to resolve issues remotely in real-time.

Multiple device compatibility of XRmeet

Multiple Device Compatibility

XRmeet is compatible with multiple devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, and AR wearable's.

Freeze and screenshot feature in XRmeet

Freeze & Screenshot

Pause the screen amidst live sharing sessions and save data

VoIP and text chat feature in XRmeet

VoIP & Text Chat

Make voice over internet phone calls and also use text chat

Safety assurance with AR

Safety Assurance

Avoid misinterpretations and ensure safety with AR instructions in real-time.

AR remote assistance on mobile and realwear

Experience AR Remote Assistance in your Mobile & Realwear

Our AR Remote Assistance solution is now available on Playstore and App Store